Love coffee? So does your lawn!

If you drink coffee, and you want a great-looking, healthy lawn, you are in luck!

All you need to do is stop throwing away your coffee grounds!

Loosely spreading dried coffee grounds on your lawn will yield stunning results and save you lots of money…not to mention the environmental benefits!

Used coffee grounds can provide your lawn with many great benefits:

According to the folks at Ground-to-ground, there are several advantages to using dried coffee grounds to supplement your lawn’s health and appearance:

  • Coffee grounds provide your lawn with both the major nutrient group N-P-K and the macro nutrient group in a slow release form. This is an important factor because unlike fast release synthetic fertilizers, the nutrients in coffee grounds will take time to break down and require microbes to break them down. This one aspect will change how your grass feeds, more than you can imagine. Since the nutrients will be available over a period of time instead of all at once your grass will grow strong and stay that way.
  • Used grounds are a delicacy for earthworms. The earthworms use the grounds and in return aerate the soil with their castings. This not only helps break up the soil, it aids in the beneficial microbial activity that a healthy lawn craves.
  • Coffee grounds are also being researched to deter certain wilt and rot fungi and bacterium from forming.

For further reading and to learn more about the benefits of coffee grounds as an organic fertilizer, you may weant to take a look at this page.

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